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Entry #112


2013-07-04 13:21:40 by justice511

where r u guys i havent seen u in forever and i miss the feed back i really like it and i hope this gif makes u want to come back and comment ill upload sumthing to make up for recent long periods of time not uploading anything



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2013-07-04 14:05:55

You never get any feedback on your blog because nobody cares about you or what you have to say. Not because you haven't uploaded anything to the site lately. I'm sure that even if you uploaded something remotely interesting, people still wouldn't care about you or what you have to say. It's a side effect of having no likability.

justice511 responds:

i luv u too <3


2013-07-04 18:55:43

hey man dont worry and awesome gif

justice511 responds:

thanks but i am worriedd :s


2013-07-05 22:15:38


justice511 responds:

XD i remember when i was five


2013-07-12 03:57:39

I don't care, what makes you think I care?