2013-01-01 05:56:45 by justice511

give me ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!! to draw i will draw almost anything for anyone just tell me a few things u want or would like to see
ALSO starting now i will add some rules cause i dont just draw anything
1.NO PORTRITS i dont want to do bad on it and offend anyone but if they still want it done i can try(dont get mad if i dont want too they are alot of work)
2.NO PORN i might work on this when i later know how to draw flawless bodys but im learing still so sorry
3.NO OFFENCESIVE WORK this means nothing that is going to offend viewers (stereotypical gangster with boxing gloves on) is completely ok :)
and thats all i have for now so please enjoy my symbol i made up
oh wait and if u dont see ur request up in 2 weeks either inbox me or i just have alot of work cause belive it or not i have school and also a life :P
i am also going to be testing out different tecniques when drawing them because this is so then i can improve a lil :P AND PLEASE RECCOMEND ME FOR THE PORTAL!!!!!!!! please? :)



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2013-01-01 06:40:46

Draw anything eh?
Draw the most stereotypical gangster with boxing gloves on :P

(Updated ) justice511 responds:

XD aight im black so this'al be easy ill put ur name on it somewhere


2013-01-01 13:27:08

Draw a knight of the round table inspired by noir films.

(Updated ) justice511 responds:

ok i looked it up and have decided to take the challange so far it's looking good thank you for the request