Entry #136

i know i have been gone...

2014-07-06 15:53:25 by justice511

im aware of how long i have been inactive...i just had alot of stuff i was going thre my dad passed away and my friend recently passed but i will try to upload some awesome new stuff for yalll to either listen too or look at XD i hope u all havent forgot me D:


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2014-07-06 16:12:32

I haven't forgotten pie so I haven't forgotten you :D

justice511 responds:

awweee thanks :')


2014-07-06 17:27:15

I could nvr forget u dry about ur loss

justice511 responds:

its sad :\ but its part of life


2014-07-16 22:53:36


justice511 responds:

hey how are yea :P


2014-07-25 10:58:28


justice511 responds:

thats great :P


2014-07-27 01:15:44

its nice to hear from you again man,how are things?

justice511 responds:

things are pree hype i went to the ripleys aqurium in toranto...HIGHLY RECCOMEND its so hype


2014-07-28 03:19:25

awesome,well I just got in Canada like 2 weeks ago and i'm trying to get a part-time job,really excited for what holds in da future :)

justice511 responds:

welcome to canada eh ;P


2015-01-01 13:18:25

yup, definetly forgot about you