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Is anybody out there?

2017-04-13 09:59:47 by justice511

is anybody listenin to me?


2017-04-04 21:05:46 by justice511



2017-03-22 06:11:46 by justice511

whats up


2016-06-16 12:45:54 by justice511

So its been a ong while and i have been supppper fucking busy with my co-op placements and my job and schooling so im at the end now with about three weeks to go and i just started dateing this girl who raps so im going to be posting completed songs to get feedback. i have 2 weeks of school left and i am graduateing in grade 13 i will be free from this system i was born into on this level. many more expirences await and i cant wait to be there.The Awakening


2015-01-07 14:07:56 by justice511

3740776_142065786183_n.jpg i know i have been off and on but i have been very busy hevily refineing my artistic skills and social skills so check out some of my new shit on either instagram, where i post everyyything or over at devent art and dont forget to follow ;P




i know i have been gone...

2014-07-06 15:53:25 by justice511

im aware of how long i have been inactive...i just had alot of stuff i was going thre my dad passed away and my friend recently passed but i will try to upload some awesome new stuff for yalll to either listen too or look at XD i hope u all havent forgot me D:


2014-04-10 23:18:49 by justice511

i appyed for my very first real job today at mcdonalds i really hope i get it ahaa :P



2014-04-06 11:55:48 by justice511

i be livein DAT single life now bois :P

guys im real sorry....

2014-03-12 14:03:33 by justice511

im real sorry i havent been on here much i habe been haveing to deal with alot of shit lately :\

Im back!

2014-01-22 09:26:21 by justice511

im back and i got new things too show :D here have a link